When you purchase TextMarshal, you will receive a license file along with the installation media. That license file can be bound to the SOS database licensee, the computer name, or the Windows domain.

TextMarshal pricing is simultaneously simple and fit to your practice's size. The monthly fee for the TextMarshal program is $180 per month. For large practices (those with more than five providers), each additional provider whose clients can receive texts costs $12 per month. For example, a practice with six providers could fully utilize TextMarshal for $192 per month.

To allow you maximum flexibility, TextMarshal is not locked in to a specific Internet SMS provider. ClickSend is the most cost-effective SMS provider, and TextMarshal uses it by default. TextMarshal support can help you configure your ClickSend account for no charge, or fully manage it for you. If you choose a different SMS provider, you will be provided with documentation on how to create a TextMarshal interface for it.

Please note that ClickSend and all Internet SMS gateways are outside the control of TextMarshal. As with all computer systems, it is possible for them to experience interruptions that only they can resolve.

Quality guaranteed: If you ever run into a problem with TextMarshal that requires an update, you will not be charged anything for the problem to be fixed.

Ready to get started? Contact TextMarshal. Free trials are available; the usual trial period is one month. If you allow TextMarshal support to manage your ClickSend account for you, SMS gateway transactions will be free for you during the trial.