TextMarshal integrates with the SOS Suite to provide automated text message appointment reminders.

If your practice uses the SOS Suite and would like to reduce confirmation calls by using SMS appointment reminders, TextMarshal can help. It saves you time and is more convenient for your clients.

Here's how it works:
  1. Every day, TextMarshal looks in the SOS database for text-enabled clients that have an appointment the next day.
  2. For each appointment, TextMarshal sends a customizable text message with the appointment date and time.
  3. When a client replies affirmatively, TextMarshal automatically updates the appointment status in SOS to "confirmed."
You can customize reminder texts, include provider names, choose what time messages go out, and define which providers' clients receive messages. For more information on setting up and controlling TextMarshal, see the Q&A page. To learn about the TextMarshal licensing model and buy it for your practice, see the licensing and pricing page.
TextMarshal is a huge time and money saver! It used to take us hours to make confirmation phone calls for our 19 providers. Now we only call the patients who don't want to use texting. Our patients appreciate the convenience too.

I highly recommend this product.

-Chris Cooper, Southpark Psychology
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Please note that TextMarshal is not affiliated with Synergistic Office Solutions. If you need assistance with TextMarshal, contact TextMarshal support directly.